Yes! This Training Community will update and advance your communication and conflict skills and greatly improve your self-leadership. You will also improve your group facilitation and team building skills to help you build a safe and creative work environment. As your relationships in and outside of work improve, you will have more energy to put toward your vocation and you will have fewer sick days (we cover why that is in the teachings).

Relationships are hard. You did not grow up with good role models on how to handle conflict, have sustained intimacy or how to bring your authentic self to relationships. Today we know a lot more about relationships than 20 or 30 years ago. We know ways to work with our emotions, we have better communication tools, and we have all the phenomenal insights from neuroscience and attachment theory helping us make sense of our reactions. The information is there, and easily accessible on the internet, in books or podcasts. However, reading a book will not teach you how to play the piano. That takes accountability and practice. Our community will hold you accountable, support you, challenge you and help you practice over and over again.
You will practice in relationship for relationship. This will help you remember what you know in the heat of actual relationship life. And that is where growth and our healing happens.

This is for you, whether you are partnered, married, single or in a complicated situation. You do not have to be in a relationship to profit from this community. Our practices will help you in all your relationships, including the one to yourself. If you are single, actively dating, or thinking about finding a partner, our community is a great place to cultivate in yourself what you are looking for in another. This way you will “call in” the right kind of people.
We offer lots of tools, well grounded in practical experience and science that will be helpful in all your relationships. However, these tools are of no value without community and practice. That is why our focus in this community is practice.

The price is at an affordable 210€, that amounts to 35€ per month, payable upfront. Alternatively we have a monthly payment option of 37€ per month committed for 6 months.

Usually we ask members to commit to 6 full months, to keep the security in the community container high. Of course you can always talk to us in special situations, like longer illness or other big life changes. In addition, we realize that these are times of great uncertainty, given the current pandemic. That is why we now have a 3 months (instead of 6 months) cancellation policy. In any event, if you have to or choose to leave, we ask that you let the community know via post in the private facebook community. No ghosting.

There will be 2 calls per month for 6 months, so a total of 12 calls. Calls will be Thursday mornings via Zoom. The calls will be an 75 minutes long. The first call is November 19, 2020. All calls are recorded and available in your password protected members’ area.

The community is led by Dr. Dagmar Schröter (Daxe) and Jolandé Heppell. Daxe is a former university teacher, experienced group leader and relationship coach for couples and individuals. She is married and has two kids (12 and 14). Daxe lives in Switzerland.
Jolandé is an experienced assistant group leader, and life and relationship coach for couples and individuals. She lives with her second husband in South Africa. Between them they have three grown kids.

We have agreements in this group that will help you feel safe. For example we ask for confidentiality, and we have a “pass rule” so that all practices and exercises are voluntary. We are open to and encourage feedback. We offer one-on-one calls and conflict mediation when it is called for. We use what happens in our community as a way to practice. Your ultimate safety remains your responsibility.

Recordings and work sheets are available in a password protected members’ area.

There are several ways to interact with your fellow community members: (1) During the two monthly group calls, (2) On the private facebook group that is only open to paying members, and (3) On regular partner calls, that we ask you to set up in between the monthly group calls.
The monthly group calls are led by your teachers Daxe and Jolandé. In your private FB group you will support each other. We monitor the group regularly. Daxe an Jolandé will occasionally provide some laser coaching in there. The partner calls will be set up by yourself by reaching out to a fellow community member. We provide step by step guidelines on how to conduct a partner call. These guidelines are available to you in your members’ area. We will also talk about this in one of our early group calls.