The Relationship Community

Do you like learning about relationships? Are you fascinated by the complexity of love? Would you like to feel better prepared for conflict? Better able to stand up for what you needAble to draw boundaries and protect your integrity in the face of many demands? Then you may want to join our Relationship Training Community!
Meine damals 8 jährige Tochter hat diese Liebesgeschichte
mit Steinen aus unserem Garten geschrieben.

Information + Community + Practice = Relationship transformation

To create the relationships you want, you need (1) information, (2) community and (3) practice. Not one, but all three. Community and practice were the missing ingredients that transformed my marriage.

I had been learning about relationships for years. However, everyday I fell short of my own expectations. I was lonely, and as usual, had tried to do it all on my own.

When I finally signed up for monthly community calls I was doubtful. It took courage and a leap of faith. It was the beginning of a drastic change of atmosphere in my house: Playfulness, intimacy, laughter and gratitude returned.

This is why I offer a private practice community today. With my colleague Jolandé Heppell and years of experience as a coach and teacher of relationship this is an area of passion for me.

So join us in our private training community and bring your relationships to the next level!

We are sorry: Registration for our third round of RTC (November 2020 – May 2021 is now closed. Click the “Stay in the loop” button below to keep in touch! And please join our free Relationship Training Community on facebook here.

  1. Led by two experienced Relationship Coaches and Teachers, we offer:
    1. Two monthly 75 min calls: knowledge, community, practice.
      Call times (may change): Generally every second Thursday at 9:30-10:45h CET.
    2. Accountability, support, challenge.
    3. Call recordings.
    4. Private facebook community.
    5. Practice partners for practice calls (one on one).
    6. Instructions for partner calls.
    7. Tool documents (step by step summaries).
    8. 25% off of our live events and all future courses.
    9. 25% off when hiring either Daxe or Jolandé as an individual or couple coach.
  • Emotional literacy
  • Relational awareness;
  • Self-leadership;
  • Communication (deep listening and skilful speech);
  • Conflict resolution and repair;
  • In short: Relational Intelligence.

“By studying and practicing with like minded growth-geeks under the guidance of Daxe and Jolandé the disorganised mass of information, tools, and techniques which I had accumulated over the years coalesced into a coherent strategy for my personal growth. Daxe and Jolandé, with love and clear vision, pick up on many of my old “cow path” habits, and guide me into a space where I see and evolve myself. I can tell you with certainty that I am happier and healthier in my marriage and in my self due to the support I received through the RTC protocols.”

Feedback from one of our current members, October 2020.

“My wife and I had been together for 6 or 7 years when our honeymoon period ended. The relationship was strained, arguments more frequent, and our love became overwhelmed by stress and “you don’t….”. We did two years of marriage therapy, and I had been learning from the Relationship School podcasts, and trying to “do the work”. We separated and prepared for an angry, dirty divorce, which, finally, we negotiated into a loving, and very different relationship in which we found ourselves comfortable and able to love again without “history” getting in the way.
This success was due to many things, but, for me, the most significant was the Relationship Training Community which allowed me to put the theory I learned in Relationship School podcasts into practice by discussing, being challenged, and practicing the tools with my peers. I am convinced that without the Relationship Training Community experience I would have spent tens of thousands of euros on divorce, selling my home, and recreating a new relationship with the same old (bad) foundations. The tiny financial investment I made in the Relationship Training Community program, with the huge emotional investment, really did change my relationship, myself, and how I see the world.”

– Richard, pioneer member of RTC 2019/20.

“The relationship  training group came for me in a time when I really needed support to navigate one of the biggest conflicts my husband and I have had to handle in our relationship. We came out the other end. Certainly it helped to have a group where I was able to be heard and seen. Thank you so much for that. In my personal development there is still a lot to work on but I feel I am a little more aware of my needs and set boundaries and ask for what I need faster so I can avoid conflict. Big thank you! Hope to make the next round!”


“I have an attitude to help people. The drawback is that I put the needs of others before mine. Since I have been in this community I started to advocate for my needs, for example by finally talking about our money spending with my wife and planning together (I wanted to do that since years).

I was also able to set a boundary with my daughter, which was bringing up a lot of shame in me. What was important to me is to feel safe in this community and this allowed me to practice (and making mistakes in a safe environment helped me a lot).

Being around like minded people, also actively engaging in improving their relational skills is incredibly motivating for me. My gratitude goes to you Daxe and Jolandé and I’m looking forward to the next cycle of training led by you.”

– Alexander

“It started with the conflict workshop in Switzerland and for me that was an incredible positive experience because I felt so connected with the rest of the group and Daxe lead with utter competenceempathy and humor. After that I signed up (…) and had some practice calls and my experience was again very positive. Practicing makes a difference and I also learned being challenged in the right way makes a difference. Being in this group gave me a sense of belonging, of being heard and seen and I also learned a lot from the sharing of issues by the others. I felt less alone and I felt this is a place I can go back to and be understood and it also encourages me to look for solutions within myself. To learn how to respond in different ways and how to regulate my emotions. The latter was mostly important to me and my relationship as I had noticed that most problems escalated because I didn’t know how to express myself differently and yet at the same time acknowledge and not neglect my own feelings. (…). There is still so much to learn and knowing I have this group to go to and learn with and not being judged negatively is a great comfort and relief. I am looking forward to continue the journey with you all. Big thank you to Daxe and Jolandé for making this possible and being such great guides along the way.”

– Hedda

This is for you, if you are married, partnered, or single and understand that relationships are the foundation of a fulfilled life.

Join us to find a place of support and challenge. Our community is a place to ask your questions about love, learn actionable facts, e.g. from neuroscience and attachment research, and practice tools that will transform your life. Join us and find company in your pain and your joy.

We are a young community opening our third 6-months round in November 2020 – hop on and be a relational pioneer! Without community and practice, we would soon slide back toward trouble in our marriages and beyond. You will get:

  • Support and guidance in relational struggles;
  • State-of-the-art tools with demos and worksheets;
  • Practice for reliable, conflict-proof performance;
  • Community in struggles and successes;
  • A safe place to be seen in difficult emotions and prepare for difficult conversations.

Daxe (Dr. Dagmar Schröter), based in Switzerland, Relationship Coach (over 1000 hours of coaching couples and individuals), Lead Teacher and Founder of The Relationship Training Community. Daxe is a former university teacher with 20 years experience in science, and a passion for sustainable relational life.

Jolandé Heppell, based in South Africa, Relationship Coach, and co-teacher and co-founder of The Relationship Training Community.

We are here to support and challenge you to live your truth. Move from relational surviving to thriving! Let’s do this!

We are in this to serve and keep our practice community alive and growing. Our offer comes at a price of 222€ for 6 months. You can either pay a discounted €210 in full at the beginning of the six months, or a monthly €37.

Together we will build our interpersonal intelligence, and create a fulfilling relational life!