“Daxe completely changed the trajectory of our relationship. Moving across the country together brought to surface unresolved conflicts that hindered our relationship. Daxe didn’t resolve our issues for us, she taught us how to get to the root of the unresolved issues on our own, and collaborate as a team to repair them. We now have the confidence and tools to get through anything life throws our way and our love is stronger than ever! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Daxe.”

– Britt & Eric (Relationship Coach & Graduate Student)

“Coaching with Daxe gets straight to the point – and at the same time it leaves enough space for everything that is important in the moment. It’s playful, and full of humour, or serious and deep, depending on what I need right now. I felt completely understood, heard and well-guided in all of our sessions, and left each coaching hour with new wisdom and some inspiration I could immediately apply to my life. Even though our meetings happened at a distance via Zoom conference, I felt every time like I was invited by Daxe into a safe, warm, friendly space where I could thrive and look closely at what occupied me and find inspiration for actions and for my life. Thank you so much for that! I am looking forward to more!”

– Sibylle, Filmmaker and Location Scout

“Daxe has such a powerful and intuitive way of helping me see the bigger picture. She helped me connect the dots of where I was getting stuck, what was underneath it all, and still saw me in a way that helped me be strong.

She is deep, caring, and dedicated. Her heart really shows in her work as a coach and I trust her with my darkest secrets and my most painful shadow. I cannot recommend Daxe enough!”

– Warren McKee, Relationship Coach

“I had the honour to have a complimentary session with Daxe today and I feel so immensely blessed to have chosen her. She was such a patient listener and had the uncanny ability to provide me an insight into dynamics. I would highly recommend her for her skills and her compassionate nature.”

– Monica, Secondary School Teacher.

“Daxe was able to help me identify issues and patterns in my relationship so efficiently, feed this back, and give me effective tools to tackle them in a really practical and grounded way.  The work with her has helped me in many ways, and reoriented my approach to dealing with relationship problems.  I found her style and energy relaxed but very engaged.  This worked well for me, and I have recommended her to people close to me that I know could benefit from doing coaching with her.”

– Stephan, Architect

“Daxe, was a fantastic coach. She really understands relationships (what works well and the pitfalls we naturally fall into). She listened with empathy but gave me honest feedback. We worked by video meetings but she also returned my emails promptly. She really helped give me some direction and ways to improve the way I relate personally. She would usually begin the session but having me focus on my current thoughts and feeling, then taking some deep breaths to really slow down and listen to myself. I highly recommend working with her and will likely ask for her insights again in the future.”

– Rich Feldenberg, M.D.

“Working with Daxe is a pleasure! When I show up grounded she challenges me to grow, when I show up untethered and struggling she gives me real tools that I can use to work myself back to solid footing.”

– Terry, Harvesting Forester.

“We found our time with Daxe extremely useful for our relationship. We were given specific tools to aid us immediately in the moment, which is so much better than waiting for the next therapy session to “talk it out.”  Rather we would speak about what would help us, practice it in session, so that we had the means to navigate our conflict effectively when it happened outside the bubble of coaching We both felt heard and understood, and Daxe took great care of our feelings and perspectives. I would recommend her to anyone seeking self-improvement, growth, and learning how to have the best relationship possible.” 

– Betsy, Teacher

“Daxe possesses an uncanny ability to distill the essence of an issue from a deluge of information, which has been tremendously helpful in keeping me grounded and focused on my healing journey.”

– Olya, Student.

“Working with Daxe over a six week period has been tremendous!  My fiancé and I are walking away equipped with many tools to better communicate and understand each other. We also have a better understanding of ourselves. Daxe’s  warmth and kindness made it very easy to open up and gain new ground within our relationship. I would highly recommend working with Daxe to any couple. Thank you for all you help with this, Daxe!”

– Ian McHugh, Health Coach and Fitness Trainer.

“I had a major breakthrough in my understanding of my needs. Thank you. Daxe was relaxed, passionate about relationship work, empathetic and clear.”

– Workshop Participant, Conflict Workshop 2018

“Daxe was a great teacher and coach. She inspired trust and came across as genuine, authentic and passionate. I would like to attend any courses that happen in the future and deepen my experience.”

– Workshop Participant, Conflict Workshop 2018