“I was an emotionally unavailable man.”– Bryce


1. May 2020


My friend and colleague Bryce Bauer and I talk about his journey from being an emotionally unavailable man to becoming a Relationship Coach. Today Bryce helps men to find more of themselves for the sake of owning their life and having better relationships.

We start by talking about how Bryce felt before he decided to improve his relationship with himself. He tells me how one man’s powerful statement prevented him from giving up on his recovery from drugs and alcohol. Subsequently Bryce said NO to his usual distractions and stayed with the pain of facing himself. He then describes what this emotional work actually looks like.

What was the role of women on this journey? Bryce describes two pivotal moments with strong women in his life: The first with his mother who finally stood up to him in a new way. And the second with his wife, Marriage and Family Therapist Jenny Morrow, with whom he runs the Advanced Relationship Academy today.

We talk in depth about when and how to call a man forward into being more of himself. Listen to Bryce answer the question that many women ask themselves: “What if a man does not seem to want deep connection?

What can a woman say, and more importantly: what can a woman do, if she deeply loves a man struggling with emotional availability? Finally, what are some first steps a man can take if he is ready to meet himself more deeply?

Time stamps
01:26 Bryce’s journey from drug and alcohol recovery to owning his life.
04:29 How would I know if I am emotionally unavailable?
07:49 What does emotional work look like?
09:48 This challenging comment created a waking up moment when Bryce wanted to quit recovery.
12:50 What does it mean to “face yourself“?
14:25 The give and take of saying “no” to distraction.
15:08 How these two powerful women called Bryce forward.
18:00 The power of a woman standing in herself.
21:40 What if a man is not in touch with his desire to feel connected?
23:20 “Life will continue to provide pain if we are disconnected.
24:30 How to invite a man into connection.
26:30 “Men have thick shells, but curiosity and love can melt that.
29:10 First steps for men.

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