Love full of life. Life full of love.

Relationships are the foundation of a fulfilled life. Paying attention to them is as essential for us, as maintaining the soil is for growing a garden.

When the soil is hard and dry, growing anything takes tremendous effort. When the soil is right, beautiful things grow with ease.

Your relationship is your biosphere.

Imagine what it would be like if your relationship was a safe home and a launching pad. What would you do with this one, precious life?

Whatever it is, I am sure it would amaze me.

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I work with couples and individuals.
You have courage, creativity and perseverance. I give you orientation, tools and new possibilities. You can be both: Deeply connected to yourself and in a relationship.
Good relationships are work, not fate.
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I live in a multi-cultural family. We speak two languages at home: English and German. Since the age of 16 I am at home in these two languages. I learn, work, dream, and think in both languages. I am happy to coach you in English, or in German. I have lived in Switzerland for 10 years and understand Swiss German easily.

Ich lebe in einer multikulturellen Familie. Wir sprechen miteinander zwei Sprachen: Deutsch und Englisch. Seit ich 16 Jahre alt bin sind diese zwei Sprachen meine Heimat. Ich lerne, arbeite, coache, träume, denke in ihnen. Deshalb coache ich Sie gerne auf Deutsch oder auch auf Englisch. Ich lebe seit zehn Jahren in der Schweiz und verstehe Mundart mühelos.